Enormous Eurocup victory over BC Khimki

05 March 2014 – Today BC Khimki visited Valencia Basket in the first last-16 game of the Eurocup. As mentioned before the anticipation was high because the Russian team has been tipped as a potential candidate for the trophy and arrived here with a 31-game winning streak. From tip-off on, though, Valencia Basket was ahead, finishing the first quarter 27-12. Although the lead went up and down throughout the game we finally took the win 75-59. A 16-point lead that in theory should give a bit of breathing space and flexibility for the return game in Moscow next week.

At the last minute it turned out that I couldn’t attend the game, but fortunately I had already intercepted the team yesterday upon their arrival in the airport. I received autos on custom cards from Mickaël Gelabale (2), Sergei Monia and James Augustine.

Sergei Monya Mickaël Gelabale Mickaël Gelabale James Augustine


Later I found out via the team’s Twitter account that the team photographer had captured me receiving these autographs!



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