Dan Gadzuric six-card TTM!

07 July 2014 – I am very excited to have received a package today from former UCLA and Milwaukee Bucks player and fellow Dutchman Dan Gadzuric. It was a through-the-mail venture that I sent out mid-January, then appeared to have gone lost in mail, resurfaced a month ago and now finally, almost half a year later, arrived back with me.

Needless to say I was very relieved getting this back to me, especially because it contained the UCLA custom booklet that had already been signed by Swen Nater previously. Besides that booklet, there were also two other custom cards, a regular card, one with a swatch and one with a four-color patch.

As you can see in the below video and scans, the cards look great and I am very, very happy to add these beauties to my collection!

Dan Gadzuric dgadzuric2s dgadzuric3sDan Gadzuric & Swen Nater Dan Gadzuric retro_dgadzuricsDan Gadzuric



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