Awesome mailday from Derrick Byars!

02 December 2014 – Two months ago I missed the season opening game against Baloncesto Sevilla because my daughter had a slight fever so I needed to take care of her. Missing the game was a bummer because it was Derrick Byars, Zoran Dragic, Scott Roth, Audie “Atomic Dog” Norris and a lot of other players I wanted to see.

I decided to put my cards for Derrick Byars in the mail, explaining I missed the game here. Today I received mail back – I had forgotten all about those cards, thinking they had gotten lost in mail or in the organisation. Turns out he not only signed both cards, but he also wrote a very kind note with it thanking me for the support and asking about my daughter.

A top class act from Byars and I appreciate it a lot. For those who wonder why I have this crazy hobby… here’s a hint to the answer :).

dbyarss Derrick Byars


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